We use all kinds of proven approaches comprehensively to conduct the investment and put emphasis on those start-ups with high level of growing opportunities and expected returns. After the investment, we also take an active role in our portfolios to participate in its operation. By following up the development of our portfolios, we assist them to survive from growing pains and make rapid progress.

We are eager to strengthen our fund with all sorts of social capital to give more financial support for promising hi-tech start-ups. In consideration of investors' request and different situations, we will recommend the most promising projects with the most suitable investment approaches to investors and help to do the investment analysis. On behalf of investors, we can also manage the projects they have invested and supply services such as due diligence, business model designing, project evaluation, audit, etc.

We likely to imburse those start-ups with bold innovation and sustainable business model. Moreover, we focus primary on companies in their seed-stage or first round of financing. Our investment size depends on the stage of the company and the its evaluation, but we generally hope to own a sizeable piece of the company post-financing (20%~30% is typical).