If you are confident with your company's development and want to work with our fund, please do as following:

    Step 1: Create an Effective Business Plan

       An effective Business Plan typically answers the following eleven questions:

01) What is your business?

02) What is your business model (primary source of revenue)?

03) Which needs are you fulfilling or which problems are you solving?
04) Who are your competitors?
05) Who are your customers?
06) What is the status of your business?
07) How much money do you hope to raise?
08) What is your target valuation?
09) Who are your current investors?
10) Where is your company's headquarter?
11) Management Team Introduction

       Step 2: Business Plan Submission

        Please email your Business Plan to and we have dedicated personnel handling         this account. You can also send your Business Plan to our office, but please be noted that all the
        documents you have submittedt will not be given back to you no matter the result of the review process.

    Step 3: Review Process

        Once we receive your Business Plan, we review it and discuss the findings. If the Business Plan seems         to be a potential fit, you may be asked for a face to face meeting with us. The process of Business Plan         submission and review takes approximately two to four weeks depending upon workload.

    Step 4: Term Sheets and Funding

        In the event that your plan is accepted, a term sheet will be offered to you. After the agreement has been         reached on the term sheet, it takes three to four weeks to complete the due diligence and the legal         documents. If no doubts, you will receive the funding.

    Helpful Tips

        In order to let your plan get reviewed as best as possible, please make sure your company meets the         listed criteria and that your plan is short to the point and covers the answer of eleven questions listed         above. If your plan is rejected, please don't mind. It commonly because:

           The product or service lies outside our focus.
           Money being raised and/or company's valuation do not fit in our portfolio for 'balance' reasons.
           We can't cover your geography sufficiently by now.